Benny Mainor


A sickly ant-like man with dark eyes, brown buzz cut hair, five 0’clock shadow, and strange look on his face like he’s breathing from his mouth than nose and struggling to do even that. He’s often seen wearing worn and dirty work pants and ink-stained shirts.


Benny Mainor, San Diego native that went right into the military out of high-school. There he served a non-combative role as an embassy translator in the Sudan before being discharged for constant medical disabilities. His file says it was because of a severe bouts of tuberculosis. Touching back down in America, Benny quickly found his life consumed by this illness he’d contracted though what it was exactly, no one seemed to figure out. Every doctor had the same diagnosis and treatment. It was always TB… or it was always pneumonia… but the symptoms never went away. When his health insurance finally dropped him, Benny’s cash supply quickly drained… and growing desperate for any kind of effective treatment or a cure, he turned to letting himself be used for relevant clinical trials, most notably under the direction of Jiushou Medical.

In his seemingly hopeless desperation, things started getting especially strange for Benny. Between bouts of coughing up blood and having his lungs drained. He’d taken to sitting in crowded locations, literally just watch life around passing by, with all the envy in the world. Diners, restaurants, bars, public transportation, anywhere. These experiences of his were recorded onto tape and at night he’d pass the time by listening to them back. Everything was fine until he felt on more than one occasion that there were missing parts. He’d heard things that didn’t make it onto tape. These experiences became more and more frequent as years passed by and his condition worsened. He came to the conclusion all on his own. As he came closer to death… he would see more of the world he would become a part of… and while death is not welcomed yet… neither is life…

As of now, Benny lives alone, running a small one man print shop from his basement. The money made from his trials and being mildly experimented on have earned him at-home nursing care… unknowingly, his nurse is the daughter of Jiushou’s CEO. Perhaps more unusual though has been a recently developed obsession with locusts… farming them in the basement. To what end though? Either way… Benny’s time seems to be running out as his condition continues to worsen and the dead become more clear to him than the living.

Benny Mainor

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