Towering tall at well over six and a half feet, Krystal’s ghostly form has gone through countless transformations perfectly reflecting her twisted pursuits of the ultimate pleasure, warping her ephemeral body to the point that the young girl this ghost once was, is now no more. Her skin, a grim and very dead shade of paling blue-grey over a curvaceous body that looked like it was built to deliver unspeakable pleasures. Nothing to cover her at all but shadows shifting slowly across her body. Her feet have taken on the high-heel shape of something reptilian, sharp, and even raptor-like. Her hands were made for bloodshed with fingers grossly elongated and clawed liked a mantis. And those eyes, blank and white to the point that one would think they promise purity and innocence, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A supreme mixture of both beauty and brutality to inflict both extreme pain and pleasure.


Her name was Krystal Biggers when she was still alive. A young and directionless college student during the early 70’s. Devoting more time to fun than work or school, Krystal slowly descended into the darker side of drugs and sex. A heroin addict before she could even legally drink, the young lady’s efforts in life were used to chase the next big high, the next great feeling, complete ecstasy, “the ultimate pleasure” as she used to put it. It would turn out that Krystal never found it but what she did find was her own death, when her mortal shell of a body gave out and she died of an overdose. Though she does not recall how exactly she came to be the shattered mirror of her former self, she continued the pursuit she started as a mortal… the thrills, passion, pleasure, sex, blood, violence, brutality, and better/worse.

Early 2005 several Awakened performed a Candomble ritual, accidentally summoning Krystal. They decided to keep the ghost around, providing her with the pleasures she sought in return for having her serve as their sanctum guard. During her service to the cabal her powers grew at a rapidly exponential rate. Where at first she was only capable of implanting mild suggestions and telepathic communication… she ended up gaining the ability to impose her will and then eventually full-blown possession. The cabal lost all control of Krystal and they’re all believed to be dead.

Krystal’s powers continue to grow at alarming rates but what she plans on doing with them, only she seems to know so far.


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