La Capra


“The Goat” is a lanky looking gentleman in his late 30’s of clear Mediterranean descent. A consistently messy mane of angled jaw-length black hair accompany bushy eyebrows over gray colored eyes and an ever present shadow of facial hair.


Virgil Mateo immigrated to America from Venice, Italy at age 18 in 1990 to attend Med-school in New York City. What started out as just an occasional night or two as a male escort to make a little extra quickly became Virgil’s lot in life and a ten day prison sentence after being found guilty of prostitution sealed the deal. He dropped out of college entirely to pursue a life in the sex trade, repackaging himself as “La Capra”… The Goat. A rather embarrassing misunderstanding in 1999 with his mafia bosses though, lead Capra to be expelled from the Italian mob and something he’s been largely running from ever since.

After years of bouncing around the west-coast between attempts at going legit, Capra set up a more permanent shop in San Diego, a brothel on the beach called “Il Bordello de La Capra”. It’s an especially small business and he does his best to stay under the radar of both police and rival organizations alike.

A hedonist at heart, La Capra lives merely to take complete and absolute enjoyment out of life. While sex may seemingly be one of the only things on his mind, Capra is also a passionate vintner with his own on-site vineyard where he creates his signature wine, Capra Vino.

La Capra, an Apostate, voluntarily remains disconnected from the local Consilium and politics. As a Thyrsus, his life magic keeps his working girls healthy and disease free while keeping several complimentary spirits about to help enhance his customers experiences.

La Capra

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