The Frenchman


A finely dressed man in buisness suits, shades, and shoes. Gilles’ hair is dark and just messy enough to look like it was done on purpose, his skin has a very faint and natural tan to it, and he wears the smallest smile that you could ever imagine, just waiting to be that billion dollar grin. Below his left eye, the man sports a small slice scar. Nothing deforming about it at all, but noticeable.


Born into the upper-crust of Parisian society with an extravagant background and model citizen until coming to America in 2003. In just several years, “The Frenchman” Fremen Berger Masse, gained notoriety in the criminal underworld of Detroit MI for cornering the market with his near monopoly on illegal gambling. Maintaining positive relations and alliances with virtually every gang and organization from The Latin Kings to The Russian Mafia, The Frenchman’s various gambling operations prospered immensely. Looking to take advantage of his independence, The Italians ‘recruited’ Masse, making him into a reluctant ‘business associate’. Their time together was short-lived, however, when The Frenchman betrayed his parent organization to the Russians shortly after the two mobs declared open warfare on one another in late 2008, as revenge for forcefully seizing his operations.

With a sizable bounty of his head for his betrayal, The Frenchman swiftly left Detroit and has been MIA ever since although rumors suggest he made for the west-coast. Masse was an eccentric with not only a gambling addiction but a strange obsession with genealogy and linguistics, well versed in almost 10 languages.

“The Frenchman’s” real name is Gilles Louimus IV, part of the noble Louimus’, an Awakened family primarily known for their work in trying to fully translate the largely fragmented magical language, High Speech, as well as mapping Awakened lineages to establish relationships between familial bloodlines and supernatural potential.

The Frenchman was dispatched to Detroit to survey the city’s local population and acquire data on their use of High Speech but his criminal undertakings interfered with his primary mission and was unable to fully collect the data that was required of him. Laced with a botched marriage shortly after his exit from Detroit (His supposed sleepwalker wife-to-be was revealed to not be a sleepwalker at all but another supernatural being entirely), Gilles was banished back to the US to deal with the consequences of his actions.

He continues with his family’s work, surveying local Awakened and rune-hunting, hoping to make a breakthrough and win his way back into their good graces.

The Frenchman

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