La Casa Sans Pantalones

Where our heroes live their lives! ....and go to pass out.


A huge warehouse loft, divided rather haphazardly into a bunch of rooms via the use of screens, furniture, and sliding panels. The only place that’s properly set up in the kitchen, the rest is all a mis-mash of ikea and curb-finds, which is how they like it. There are a few private areas, but mostly the place is set up as a series of little collections of furniture that take the place of walled rooms. Here a nice place for vegging, here a bar for eating, here a huge televsion bolted to the wall, with a heap of bean bags to catch a fall. The only locked area is Val’s Instrument room, which is actually just a huge walk-in shipping crate secured with a chunky padlock.

The Loft, for all its pantslessness, could also have been called Sofa-town, for that particular piece of furniture seems quite beloved to the residents here. Almost every area of the loft has at least one sofa or loveseat, and where there isn’t one, there’s usually a futon or mound of pillows against the wall. If nothing else, there is lots of sleeping space in here.


The Roomies (Val, Red and Rei) all share this cosy warehouse loft, ever since Val found herself back in San Diego, preparing to sell her family home. Casting about, she found Red, himself at loose ends after just finishing up that year’s tournament season. She bought the Loft, and they moved in. Rei joined them soon after, rather accidentally. Crashing for the night after a bit of drunken debauchery, she just…hung out. Staying the next night, and the next, it seemed natural that little by little all her stuff was moved in, and soon she was one of them: The Roomies!

La Casa Sans Pantalones

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